Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The idiots at the US NSA

Need I say more than Bernard Chazelle at Lobelog?:

The NSA has hopped on the Big-Data bandwagon or, as it were, the All-Data supertrain. Any terrorist aware of the hazards of Big Data knows that spurious correlations increase faster than data size and so will pray that the NSA keeps a diary of all life forms on the planet. If you’re a needle hiding in a haystack, all you want is more hay, like, say, a yottabyte worth of it. Bad guys will love Big Data. Social activists not so much.

The piece is brilliant. I suggest you read it all.

And I concur 100% with A.A. on this:
Imagine if a Russian or a Chinese man/woman were to do the same as Snowden? He/she would have been uniformly hailed and lauded and he/she would have received tons of Western awards and honors. Utter hypocrisy. They want courage and defiance but only outside of their borders...

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