Sunday, April 09, 2006


Run-off almost certain in Peru Elections

It is not expected that any of the leading candidates, Ollanta Humala of the Partido Nacionalista Peruano, Lourdes Flores of the Unidad Nacional Front or Alan Garcia of the Partido Aprista Peruano will win an outright majority in today's Peruvian elections. There is almost certain to be a second round. For those interested in keeping tabs on the election, LANIC provides some essential links.

Breaking News!

As of 8:32 PM, Peruvian time, and based on 83.5% of the vote, Ollanta Humala leads with 30%, followed by Lourdes Flores with 24.9% and Alan Garcia with 23.5%. This according to Apoyo, OpiniĆ³n y Mercado, as cited in El Comercio.


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