Thursday, July 31, 2014


The Thrasybulus Syndrome.

“Violent remedies, though they make one safe from one aspect, yet from another . . . involve all kinds of weaknesses. ... Francesco Guicciardini

The relentless destruction of Gaza and its inhabitants continues, as well as the concomitant back-and-forth propaganda wars in the western media. Perhaps Americans should take the time to consider this excellent article by Professor David C. Hendrickson of Colorado College, titled The Thrasybulus Syndrome: Israel’s War on Gaza. Why Americans? Well, I'll let the good professor explain it to you in his own words:

No prudent foreign policy should ignore the motive for retaliation we give by recklessly using force in the Islamic world ourselves or by identifying the United States so closely with Israel. Adverting to this phenomenon two centuries ago, then-diplomat John Quincy Adams wrote that to take an eye for an eye allowed the allied powers ranged against France to “glut their vengeance for the wrongs” they had received from France, but Adams believed that they were “laying up stores of wrath for the day of wrath in revenge for those which they are inflicting.”

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